what are combination slip joint pliers used for in wood products

5120-00-223-7398 Slip Joint Pliers | AeroBase Group, Inc.- what are combination slip joint pliers used for in wood products ,11/5/2021· Slip Joint Pliers NSN 5120-00-223-7398. Type II: Slip joint combination jaw, Class 1: Straight nose, Style A: Regular. These straight nose, combination, slip joint pliers have flat gripping surface with fine teeth, a curved center jaw section with sharp teeth. The wire200mm vde combination pliers | STANLEY ToolsBASIC NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS. STHT846-8. 200MM FATMAX VDE LONG NOSE. 0-84-007. 200MM FATMAX SLIP JOINT PLIER. 0-84-646. BASIC LONG NOSE PLIERS 6 IN LENGTH (152. STHT84101-8. 150MM DYNAGRIP LONG NOSE PLIER.

Choosing and Using Pliers - This Old House

Choosing and Using Pliers. Pliers extend and increase the strength of your hand's grip. They're simple levers, with the joint as the fulcrum: By pressing on the handles, you magnify your holding power and direct it to the tiny point where the jaws meet. Every toolbox contains a fistful of pliers, with various sizes, jaws, joints, and handles ...

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Hand Tools - Pliers and Wire Cutters : OSH Answers

Choose pliers or wire cutters that have a grip span of 6 cm - 9 cm (2 1/2 - 3 1/2 in.) to prevent your palm or fingers from being pinched when the tools are closed. Use adjustable pliers that allow you to grip the workpiece firmly while maintaining a comfortable handgrip (i.e., hand grasp is not too wide). Use tools only if they are in good ...

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Pliers - Wikipedia

Pliers are a hand tool used to hold objects firmly, possibly developed from tongs used to handle hot metal in Bronze Age Europe. They are also useful for bending and compressing a wide range of materials. Generally, pliers consist of a pair of metal first-class levers joined at a fulcrum positioned closer to one end of the levers, creating short jaws on one side of the fulcrum, and longer ...

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10 Everyday Uses for Locking Pliers Tooled-Up Blog

10 Everyday Uses for Locking Pliers The first locking pliers as we know them today were invented in 1924 by a blacksmith called William Petersen. He christened them Vise-Grips, and the range continues to be manufactured to this day as part of the Irwin brand.

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