different types of pliers used in aviation maintenance process ppt

Aircraft Maintenance - SlideShare- different types of pliers used in aviation maintenance process ppt ,23/12/2016· Maintenance Categories For Engines 1/12/2016Aircraft Maintenance Level B Level B1 Level A1 Hot section inspection Replacement of (Fan, LPT,HPT) Level B2 Engine modules are disassembled Replacement of bearings Replacement parts without disassembling Level B3 19.Hand Tools - Pliers and Wire Cutters : OSH AnswersChoose pliers or wire cutters that have a grip span of 6 cm - 9 cm (2 1/2 - 3 1/2 in.) to prevent your palm or fingers from being pinched when the tools are closed. Use adjustable pliers that allow you to grip the workpiece firmly while maintaining a comfortable handgrip (i.e., hand grasp is not too wide). Use tools only if they are in good ...

Aircraft Maintenance practices introduction

28/10/2015· Fire Extinguishers Foam: Two types of foam Fluoroprotein (used on class B fires) Aqueous film (used on class A & B fires) Not suitable for class C and D fires. Stored in white or cream colored extinguishers pressurized with CO2 Maitenance Practice-1

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Aviation Consulting - Predictive Maintenance | EXSYN

Within aviation maintenance and engineering the aim of predictive maintenance is first to predict when a component failure might occur, and secondly, to prevent the occurrence of the failure by performing maintenance. Monitoring for future failure allows maintenance to be planned before the failure occurs, thus reduce unscheduled removals and ...

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Understanding NDT for Aircraft MROs | Aviation Pros

5/10/2017· In aviation, ECT is used to inspect skins, stringers, frames, rivet holes, tubing, and many other ferrous and nonferrous components. A good example of this technique is the inspection of a ...

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The 9 Most Used Aircraft Navaids In History | Boldmethod

1/6/2021· Loran-C, which gained popularity in the 1970s, used a network of land-based radio beacons to create a long-range and highly accurate navigation system. But its fate was sealed by GPS as well. While Loran-C is still operated, many stations around the world have been shut down, or are the process of being decommissioned.

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